process management

Process management and communication

The elaboration of socially supported visions and plans is becoming increasingly complex. Complex procedures, the input from various actors and involved parties, the increasing demand for integration with other work domains and the high technical content of the subject make it an ever greater challenge to bring (policy) projects to good completion. Proper process monitoring and management are indispensable therefore. Antea Group takes care of the comprehensive process management for you, all the way through to calculating the economic effects. It does this in an interactive manner with you as principal and stakeholders as main players.

After all, communication and participation in a synergetic planning process increases the administrative, official and social support for your project. The manner in which your plans are put together, but also the way in which you disseminate your ambitions, will ultimately be crucial for your project's chances of success. Antea Group can deploy a broad range of tools for this, such as participatory workshops, excursions, information markets, 3D simulations, exhibitions, publications aimed at attracting support all the way through to the branding and marketing of an area development process. Always with the same objective: a rapid planning process with a result supported by society.

Antea Group has amassed extensive expertise in guiding policy processes through the years. This experience enables us to support you with exceptional professional knowledge.

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