Permits and management planning

Without an active permit policy as proactive management planning, ambitious planning and design objectives quickly fall subject to reconsideration and existing spatial, landscape, nature or heritage values come in danger of quickly deteriorating. Governments, businesses and private individuals are becoming increasingly aware of this and are calling on the extensive experience and professional and specialist knowledge of Antea Group to make the necessary efforts and utilize new opportunities.

The experts of Antea Group ensure all the permits required to realize your project are obtained: urban planning permits, environmental impact assessments, spatial implementation plans, mobility surveys, environmental permits, etc.

We are convinced that the triptych of planning, development and management requires an integrated approach.
This vision is supported by the government, which grants subsidies for setting up and implementing harmonic park and green-space management plans, forest and nature management plans, landscape management plans and revaluation plans. These policy instruments are aimed at assisting future developments and actions in green spaces, protected landscapes or protected village or urban conservation areas, with the aim of retaining, reinforcing and/or restoring their unique features.

Subsidies can be obtained both for the drawing up of a management plan or revaluation plan and for the implementation of these plans. This creates an incentive for proper management of your legacy.  
Based on a survey into the problems, potential and values, a vision is developed that determines the target situations and development scenarios. On the basis of this coherent and 'supported' management vision, concrete measures are worked out, if necessary to the very level of the plot. These measures may be thematic, aimed at raising consciousness or area-focused.

The broad usability of Antea Group's own experts (ecologists, landscape architects, architects, urban planners, geographers, archaeologists, heritage experts, soil experts, hydrologists, surveyors, etc) and the extensive knowledge and experience with the policy framework for permits and management planning guarantee high-quality, practically feasible development and management plans.

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