ISO 14001

Environmental management system / ISO 14001

Antea Group assists you in drafting your environmental management system (ISO 14001 or any other standard). In order to work smoothly, an environmental management system must be supported by the whole company: this is why its development is done internally as much as possible and Antea Group will only act as an adviser and process guide. However, if your company lacks the time or capacity, you can turn to us to develop your environmental management system. In that case, we will assess your company culture in order to develop a system that is tailored to you.
We work along the following steps:

  1. Audit of the existing situation: Initial environmental audit of the company, mapping the existing situation on a legal, technical and organisational level. After this, we develop a plan of action with a description of the necessary actions and an estimate of the timing.
  2. Environmental policy: Determining the company’s objectives in terms of the environmental management system and the management of environmental aspects. This results in the draft of an environmental policy declaration.
  3. Manual: Assisting in the draft (review) and possible adjustment of the relevant procedures.
  4. Implementation: Informing the employees involved about how the environmental management system works. Training of a few employees in conducting internal audits.
  5. Pre-audit: Conducting a pre-audit with a view to determining the certifiability of the environmental management system.