environmental impact and environmental policy

Environmental impact and environmental policy

Environmental impact
If you have a plan or project in the works, you are often required to assess the environmental impact that it will have. Antea Group has extensive experience and the necessary certifications to take on the preparation and coordination of these kinds of environmental impact studies; whether it involves a plan or a project, an industrial expansion, an urban development project or an infrastructure project. Antea Group is at home in all markets and able to prepare an appropriate environmental impact assessment, exemption report or screening for this. If any significant environmental effects do occur, Antea Group is there to help find solutions to further prevent, limit or compensate for these effects, so that your plan or project can secure the required permits.

Environmental policy
Planning, programming and implementing the environmental policy is a challenging task for governments and private individuals. Environmental issues are ubiquitous and all levels of government are confronted with environmental questions. At Antea Group, you can call on our range of expertise and experience to help you find solutions to these issues. By preparing environmental policy plans and advisory policy studies, conducting research into indicators as well as providing assistance with government projects, our experienced advisors shape future environmental policies for the short and long term.

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Account Manager Environmental impact Government
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