Civil Construction and Hydraulic Engineering

Over the years, Antea Group has accumulated a great deal of experience in the development of civil engineering constructions such as bridges, retaining walls and intersections of infrastructural elements at different planes, for which the geotechnical dimensions are also studied.

The umbrella structure of the Group and the internal contacts ensure that knowledge is exchanged rapidly and that there are two-way flows with the specialists at Oranjewoud en Strukton. These companies function as a knowledge bank, using their specific backgrounds to act as consultants on the one hand, and to carry out large or extremely large civil engineering orders on the other.

There is a great deal of experience at the Ghent offices of Antea Group in projects for both the 'hard' and 'soft' hydraulic engineering sectors. These also involve offshore constructions for pipelines, radar, etc.

Antea Group can put together an experienced team for any engineering challenge in the field of civil engineering construction and hydraulic engineering.

Peter Vermeersch
Contract Manager
Telefoon: +32 (0)9 276 64 54
E-mail: peter.vermeersch@anteagroup.com