Resilient coast and estuary

Climate change is even more apparent in a fragile ecosystem such as the coastal region or the Scheldt Estuary. Any adaptation to the rising sea levels needs to be balanced with the liveability of seaside resorts and polder villages, the tourism industry and a multifunctional use of public space. Together with you, we are building a resilient coast and estuary, that provide ecosystem services to society as a whole.



Project - Water balance of the coastal polders

The Belgian coastal plain is characterised by intensive agriculture and strongly fluctuating seasonal tourism among others. Antea Group conducted a study on the water balance of the coastal polders for the Province of West Flanders. The study offers an insight into the challenges in terms of groundwater depletion and salinization, which are becoming increasingly problematic in the coastal region in the context of climate change.



Project - Sigma Plan Durme Valley 2025

Antea Group is providing support to the Government of Flanders for the implementation of the Sigma Plan in the Durme Valley. We are creating a solid foundation for future environmental permit applications for five new flood plains and nature areas, through process management and the drafting of a land use plan (RUP) and an environmental impact assessment.