Workshop Copernicus for coastal zone monitoring and management

29 June 2017, Brussels

13 July 2017

Many users and applications of the Copernicus Marine Environment (CMEMS) and Land Monitoring (CLMS) services are related to coastal areas. After more than 5 years of experience with the CMEMS and CLMS precursors and operational services, CMEMS and CLMS co-organised this workshop. Their objective is to analyse mid-term (2018-2020) and long-term (post-2021) priorities for the potential evolution of CMEMS and CLMS to better address user needs vis-à-vis coastal zone management and monitoring.

The following points are covered:

  • Overview of user needs and challenges
  • Current Copernicus offer in terms of data and service information
  • Draft proposal for the evolution of CLMS and CMEMS in response to the user needs

Our coastal experts attended this workshop to join the dialogue between key stakeholders: national/regional/local authorities in charge of coastal monitoring, the private sector, the European Commission, the Copernicus Entrusted Entities, ESA, etc. The gained insights will be applied on fine tuning our capabilities to the market demanded competences and reinforcing our value proposition.

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