Chevron award

Chevron rewards Antea Group for working safely

12 July 2019

Chevron is a dynamic energy company active on a global scale. Chevron is one of the top companies for oil, gas and other energy products. Antea Group has been working for this concern since 2008.

This year Chevron is celebrating "10 years of Injury Free Operations" by thanking its suppliers. From our contact person, colleague Marjan Joris and her team proudly received an award for working safely.

“The year 2019 marks a milestone in EMC – International Products safety record!  Since 2008, our team now holds more than 10 years of Injury Free Operations! BIG THANKS to you, our suppliers who have continually shown dedicated safety stewardship and kept focus on safe work execution.” - Chevron

This award is great compliment on our work, not only for Antea Group but for all colleagues involved.