applying the concept of Integrated Natural Resources Management (INRM)


During the last 3 years Antea  Group  acted as coordinator of AFROMAISON, a European Union funded research project. The aim of the Afromaison partners was to propose concrete strategies for integrated natural resources management in Africa in order to adapt to the consequences of climate change. AFROMAISON ran for 3 years, from March 2011 until May 2014, for a total budget of 4,1 Million Euro.

Natural resources are particularly essential for maintaining and improving people’s livelihood in Africa. Despite the availability of many tools, expertise, local practices and indigenous knowledge, the concept of Integrated Natural Resources Management (INRM) has hardly been brought into practice.

The main objective of AFROMAISON is to provide a holistic toolbox and operational framework for INRM that can be applied in a variety of environmental and socio-economic African conditions. At the same time AFROMAISON provides participatory management options for operational INRM, embedded in local traditions and culture..

Furthermore, external pressures are affecting the availability of natural resources. Many of the poorest people in the world are highly vulnerable to external shocks (e.g. drought, floods, famine, disease outbreaks). INRM helps to assess how their resilience can be increased and their vulnerability reduced. In order to do so, concrete adaptation measures are formulated. The impact of these measures, on ecosystem goods, services and livelihood, is validated at the meso-scale.

The following key components of INRM were integrated at the meso-scale level:

  • Landscape functioning regarding the delivery, use and access to goods and services provided;
  • Livelihood & socio-economic development, incl. vulnerability to global change;
  • Indigenous knowledge and practices to take local traditions, cultural norms, specific acceptance structures into account;
  • Institutional strengthening and improved interaction between sectors, scales and communities.

In the period 2011-2014 Antea Group has successfully provided the following services:

  • Project management as project coordinator;
  • Communication and dissemination;
  • Ecosystem service analysis and valuation;
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling;
  • Risk communication;
  • Conceptual framework development;
  • Institutional capacity assessment;
  • Providing the platform for sharing and geographical expansion of tools for INRM.